The Pinnacle is our People

Collectively, the members of our team have relevant experience in both the development and marketing of Wireless Body Function Monitoring Systems, Medical Devices, BioTechnology, Regenerative Medicine, and the growth of profitable business ventures.

Bella Milagros actively seeks to leverage its extensive contacts in the pharmaceutical, medical, surgical, and scientific communities to identify potentially important medical and aesthetic products that require further business development.

Once we identify these business development opportunities, we rapidly assess clinical data, and the commercialization potential of the business development opportunity.  Then through both in-licensing and co-development partnerships, we provide the expertise and necessary funding to bring the most promising products through the complex development process to market.

In order to maximize the commercial potential of our current and future products, Bella Milagros has created strong distribution channels in the BioTechnology, Medical Device, Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, and Regenerative Medicine speciality arenas.  Our distribution partners share our vision and are dedicated to bringing important, quality treatment options to our targeted consumers.


President and CEO, Founder

Steven Dominguez, MD, MPH



 Vice-President of Finance

M. Milagros Iturri


Vice-President of Research and Development

Steven Dominguez, Jr



Vice-President of Operations

Richard Button



Vice-President of LEO Relations

Michael Kuplast