U.S. Patent #6726706 on "Suture Tape and Method for Use", a wound closure and healing device for use in the home, ER, post-surgery, and in the battle field.



6783492         System and Method for Monitoring Body Functions, includes reconfigurable sensors, body function monitor, wireless transmission of body function data, storage of body function data, real-time observation of body function data by physician or other healthcare provider whether via computer or personal device such as cellular phone or iPad, real-time intervention by body function monitor,  2-way voice communication, and GPS. Body Function includes: heart rate, heart rhythm, pulse oximetry, respiratory rate, hydration, electrolyte status, dialysis, glucose, measurable caloric consumption, brain activity, etc.

6740055         Trauma Cervical Collar, adjustable trauma cervical collar that may also be used after spinal surgery.

6560473         Disposable ECG Chest Electrode Template w Built-in Defibrillation Electrode, standardizes a reproducable, reduces placement variable in a one piece 12 lead ECG template with built-in defibrillation patch for use in the field, ER, cath lab, and other settings necessitating continuous ECG monitoring with or with defibrillation capabilities.

6526978         Endotracheal Tube Holder, provides security for the ETT while allowing cleansing of the perioral region.

60/932,142 System and Method For Removal of Wrinkles From Human Skin. Patent application.