Tropocollagen Technology is a section of the Collagen Restoration Technology division of "Bella Milagros® Inc."


Through our advanced Collagen Restoration Technology (CRT) division we continue our history of providing you with the most up to date aesthetic and regenerative medicine options available. Our commitment to you is that the Tropocollagen and oligopeptides we provide you are never imported from China or Korea. In fact, we only work with USA laboratories which are FDA and cGMP certified.

Our TropoColl CRT is a select mixture of 99% marine tropocollagen and elastin.  These tropocollagen fibers embed within the dermis and stimulate native collagen proliferation resulting in a younger, brighter, stronger, and vibrant dermis and epidermis.

Our TropoCollagen is  FDA certified and microbiologically clean, and unlike bovine (pig) collagen our Collagen does not need allergy testing since it is immunologically pure. In fact, unlike red meat collagen products, there are no prions (Mad Cow Disease) in marine tropocollagen.  Due to the purity and nature of our TropoCollagen it is used to stimulate proliferation of new healthy skin in post-surgical procedures and to accelerate wound healing.  Our technology is patent pending.

Initially, our TropoColl Rx Serum was created specifically for Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists. 

TropoColl CRT cosmetics are specifically formulated for home use.

Has Bella Milagros studied the use of Tropocoll?

Results of the Tropocoll clinical study revealed:

 •  98% of women had an improvement in overall APPEARANCE of their skin
•   95% Felt smoothier skin
•  92% had a REDUCTION of Fine Lines and Wrinkles
•  90%Felt skin firmness with elasticity
•   80% Felt hair was stronger and fuller
•   93% Felt lashes and/or eyebrows were longer, bolder, and fuller 

Eyelid TropoColl CRT Serum: A silky smooth day Collagen serum formulated with neuropeptides to relax the muscles of the eyelid (orbicularis oculi)  and decrease the appearance of crowfeet wrinkles, and peptides to enhance the decreased appearance of dark circles of the lower eyelids.  May be used alone or under foundation.

Eyelid TropoColl CRT Cream: A rich moisturizing Collagen night cream formulated with neuropeptides to relax the muscles of the eyelid (orbicularis oculi)  and decrease the appearance of crowfeet wrinkles, and peptides to enhance the decreased appearance of dark circles of the lower eyelids. 

Lip TropoColl CRT Serum: A silky smooth Collagen smoothing and plumping serum formulated with neuropeptides to relax the muscles of the lip  and decrease the appearance of the wrinkles of the vermillion border, and upper "kissing or smokers" lip lines.

Face TropoColl CRT Cream: A moisturizing Collagen night cream used to refresh, smooth,  plump, and enhance the appearance of cheeks, chin, and forehead.  This formulation is also designed to brighten dark spots and enhance natural skin color and tone.

Forehead TropoColl CRT Cream: A moisturizing Collagen night cream formulated with neuropeptides to relax the muscles of the forehead (frontalis and glabellar complex) thereby decreasing the appearance of forehead wrinkles and the "11's".

Neck TropoColl CRT Cream: A moisturizing Collagen cream used to rejuvenate, smooth and relax the appearance of wrinkles of the neck.

Hydrating TropoColl CRT Mask: A hydrating Collagen mask designed to enhance extracellular fluid in the dermis resulting in the appearance of decreased wrinkles.

Volumizing TropoColl CRT Hand Cream: A moisturizing Collagen night cream used to enhance the appearance of a smooth and plump back of the hand.

Bold Lash TropoColl CRT Serum: A smooth Collagen serum formulated to fortify, strengthen, beautify and condition resulting in an elegantly bold lash and eyebrow appearance.

Hair Volumizing TropoColl CRT Gel and Spray: A silky Collagen gel and spray formulated to strengthen, condition, and fortify resulting in the enhanced appearance of improved texture, volume, and shine of hair.

Vaginal TropoColl CRT Serum: A soothing and refreshing Collagen Serum formulated to enhance hydration of the "dry and painful" vagina defined as "The Silent Condition" by the Womens Health Initiative of 2006.  Clinical studies reveal that  collagen enhanced hydration enhances quality of life and libido.

“Beauty is Art and Science! ®"

Is Tropocollagen used in Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine?


Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine Indications for TropoColl Rx, and TropoColl CRT Serums and Creams


•  Post-operative procedures such as: aesthetic plastic surgery (wound healing) and any type of skin injury—physical ablation (laser), chemical peeling (TCA, phenol, etc.), or mechanical (dermabrasion or microdermabrasion)
•  Increasing the effectiveness of glycolic acid or retinoic acid treatments, diminishing irritation, and improving tolerance
•  Accelerating the healing process and aiding in the prevention of keloid scar formation in high risk groups (ethnic skin and traumatized skin)

•  Helping reduce the appearance of ACNE, eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea due to its high anti-inflammatory collagen and hydration enhancing properties


Indications for Post-Opertive use of TropoColl Rx Serum


Plastic Surgeons use TropoColl Rx Serum in the routine post-operative treatment of Erbium and CO2 Laser facial resurfacing (face-lift). 

The following photos are courtesy of Steven Dominguez, MD, MPH.

This patient underwent a 200J/100coagulation Erbium Laser setting.  Normally, this degree of ablation would heal in 3 weeks.  However, with TropoColl Rx Serum used immediately post-operatively the wound healed in less than one week.

Erbium Laser Resurfacing Facelift Without Tropocoll Rx Serum 

•  Significant soft tissue swelling
•  Significant oozing
•  Significant crusting
•  Painful 10/10 (Vicodin and Xanax)
•  Healing Time: 3 wks 

 Erbium Laser Resurfacing Facelift With TropoColl Rx 

•  Significantly reduced soft tissue swelling
•  Significantly reduced oozing
•  Significantly reduced crusting
•  3-4/10 Pain (2 Tylenols)
•  RAPID Healing Time: 6 days

 Hyperpigmentation - 60% improvement in 1 week with Face TropoColl CRT Cream



TropoColl CRT Serums and Creams Results     

Eyelid TropoColl CRT Serum

Results are typically noticed in 15 - 20 minutes. Patients and physicians alike are referring to this Anti-Aging, skin brightening and tightening serum as the "liquid blepharoplasty" since it quickly smoothes wrinkles, brightens the lower lid circles, and with repeated use the sustained results are remarkable. The result is a rapid "clearing" of the congested blood causing dark circles and a denser lower lid dermis. Together you "see" a younger and "awake" lower eyelid.

1. The first photo reveals obvious remarkable smoothing and tightening after 15 minutes.

2. This photo was taken 20 minutes after applying Eyelid TropoColl CRT Serum to the RIGHT lower lid; notice the smoothing and tightening of the lower lid with flushing of the dark circles.

Collagen and Aging Facts

•  Aging of your skin can be regarded as a cellular process that is partially genetically determined and partially influenced by environmental factors (i.e. sun damage, air pollutants, smoking, alcohol, diet, medications, etc.)

•  The most obvious visual changes in your skin due to aging are wrinkling, laxity, dryness, hyperpigmentation, and general thinning.

•  Prominent wrinkling is mainly caused by the loss of the collagen content and density in the dermis due to a decreased rate of collagen production.1

–Collagen is a protein fiber that is the basic building block of the skin, and provides skin’s structure and resilience. Collagen is normally replaced every 12 months.

•  Dermal fibroblast cells are the "construction workers" of skin, whose function is to produce new collagen and maintain the skin’s structure.  A decline in the number of fibroblast cells results in less collagen production.

•  Skin normally loses around 1% of the number of fibroblast cells and 1% of its collagen thickness per year. This loss is accelerated due to environmental factors.1

•  The rate of decline in dermis fibroblast cell number and collagen producing  function is most dramatically increased by sun exposure, recent studies have shown that sun damaged skin has 35% fewer blood capillaries than normal skin; thus receiving less nutrients and oxygen than normal healthy skin.

1. Molecular Aspects of Dermatology, GC Priestley, ed. John Wiley & Sons, NY 1993

2. Arch Dermatology 138 (11): 1462-70, 2002


Why does Bella Milagros use Tropocollagen instead of collagen?

Tropocollagen is the precursor to collagen. Tropocollagen synthesis begins in the fibroblast cell in response to injury or daily organ maintenance.  The fibroblast secrets tropocollagen which pairs with other tropocollagen fibers in the Extracellular Matrix (ECM) to form collagen.  Tropocollagen does not induce an antigen response. Mature collagen may produce an antigen response, especially with repeated exposure (bovine collagen used in injectable facial fillers).

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, making 25%-35% of all the whole-body proteins.  Collagen contributes to the stability of tissues and organs, including skin.  Collagen has great tensile strength and along with elastin maintains structural integrity and pliability.

Collagen is found in the Extracellular Matrix (ECM), which is the fluid bathing the surrounding cells.  The ECM consists primarily of water, collagen, fibroblasts, proteoglycans, glycosaminoglycans, glycoproteins, and provides  support and anchorage for cells.  The ECM also provides mechanical support for tissues and organ architecture growth, restoration and rejuvenation, healing, and determines the daily maintenance of the cells. 

Collagen is insoluble glycoprotein (protein + carbohydrate) polypeptide with the following primary structure:

– G – X – A – G – A – A – G – Y – A – G – A – A – G – X – A – G – A –

– A – G – X – A – G – A – A – G – Y – A – G – A – A – G – X – A – G – 

– A – A – G – X – A – G – A – A – G – Y – A – G – A – A – G – X – A – 

         G - glycine, X - proline or hydroxyproline, Y – lysin or hydroxylysine, A – amino acid

Proline and hydroxyproline constitute about 1/6 of the total sequence, and provide the stiffness of the polypeptide chains.

Three helical tropocollagen polypeptide units twist to form a triple-helical collagen molecule: a molecular "rope" which has some bending stiffness and does not undergo rotation.   The tropocollagen molecule has a length of approximately 300 nm and a diameter close to 1.5 nm.  Self-assembly or polymerization of tropocollagen molecules form collagen fibrils. Cross-linkage between adjacent tropocollagen molecules stabilizes the fibrils.


The end result is a tighter, stronger dermis framework that together with the other ECM components maintains or reverses oxidative and age related damage to the dermis.


The cross striated structure of collagen fiber reflect periodic composition of individual tropocollagen molecules.  Collagen fibrils of 1 mm diameter support the weight of 10 kg, hence the more tropocollagen conversion to collagen fibrils the more uplifted and sag resistance the dermis.

This is why Bella Milagros promotes the advantages of using tropocollagen to promptly restore the oxidative and age related loss of collagen in the dermis.  The result is younger, healthier, robust, tight skin with decreased wrinkles.