Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Growth Factors division of "Bella Milagros® Inc."


Through our advanced Mesenchymal Stem Cell and Growth Factor Technology (MSCGF) division we continue our history of providing you with the most up to date MSCGF aesthetic and regenerative medicine options available.

Our commitment to you is that the mesenchymal stem cells and growth factors we provide you are never from embryo or fetal tissue, nor are they imported from China or Korea. In fact, we only work with USA laboratories which are FDA and cGMP certified.

Our current MSCGF research is focused on the processing, seperation, and stabilization of growth factors from ADSVF and PRP for commercial use in regenerative medicine, plastic surgery, and cosmetics.

Current and past research in this division includes:
- Seperation Effects of Adipose from Stromal Stem Cells with Centrifusion
- Ideal Centrifusion Revolutions and Speed for PRP and PPP
- Isotonic Saline Wash of Non-Centrifuged AD-SVF in Preparation for Grafting
- Isotonic Saline Wash of Centrifuged AD-SVF in Preparation for Grafting

Within the Mesenchymal Stem Cell and Growth Factor Technology division; our research and new medical device development is focused on "adipose and blood stem cells and growth factors (AD-SVF and PRP/PPP)" for application in medicine.

Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Growth Factors are individual entities found throughout the body.

Mesenchymal stem cells are "immature, undifferentiated, pleuriplurant" cells that depending on their immediate environment can become cells identical to the surrounding cells.  Currently the medical literature is booming with research identifying the benefit of MSCGF for Parkinson's Disease, Heart muscle repair, Re-vascularization of impaired vessels and end tissues, Tendon repair, Bone - Cartilage and Joint repair, and Chronic Wound Repair.

Growth Factors are proteins with ligands specific to receptors on fibroblast, blood vessel, muscle, tendon, cartilate, bone, nerve, fat, and skin cell to stimulate proliferation of injured tissues in post-surgical procedures and to accelerate wound healing.