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   Dan Masip

  2011 Orange County Classic Championships





Jesse Sapolu & Men in Trenches Camp


Jesse Sapolu is a former NFL player who spent his entire career with the San Francisco 49ers. He played both center and offensive guard. Jesse is
one of six 49ers to own four Super Bowl Championship Rings, along with two Pro Bowl honors.
Jesse Sapolu's Men in the Trenches training will take place in Orange County, California.

2011 schedule: March 27 - July 2010



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  • You Are What You Eat. Are you taking the purest, highest quality Protein? Yes?
  • How much protein is enough? Are you an athlete - then at least 2 grams per 2.2 pounds (your weight) per day.  So if you weight 220#, then you should be consuming 100 grams per day.
  • How am I going to carry that much Miracle Protein? Miracle Protein comes in single serving pouches of 40 grams 100% Pure WPI. Just add 8 ounces of water or milk.
  • How good is Miracle Protein?  Click on Miracle Protein, Click on the Comparison Chart.
  • Will I test positive for "stuff" if I take so much Miracle Protein? Absolutely not.  Look at all our certifications.
  • I heard that Miracle Protein alone isn't as good as a blend? Yea, right - and driving a car without oil makes it sound and run like a Ferrari!
  • Taking so much Miracle Protein will make me fat.  No - cheeseburgers & fries will make you fat.  Miracle Protein will make your muscles lean and strong like steel.  That's why athletes of all ages and levels take and endorse Miracle Protein. This is the athletes' secret weapon.  Players, coaches and professionals like SWAT and Police Athletes use Miracle Protein!
  • Why do some proteins make you gain weight and Miracle Protein doesn't?  The other guys have sugar, fructose, carbs and fat.  Miracle Protein just has 100% Pure Whey Protein Isolate with a high concentration of BCAA, Essential B Vitamins, Calcium, and Fiber.
  • Why do some proteins make my feet and hands swell?  It's not the amount of protein - it's the salt. The other guys have SALT (sodium or potassium) as a preservative.  They don't plan on selling their stuff quickly and they plan on storing it in warehouses until someone buys it.  If they don't put salt in it, it will rot.  When you take more than 1500 mg of Salt per day, your kidneys work harder to remove it from your body.  Too much salt causes water retention => swelling of your hands and feet.  Miracle Protein is FDA "low salt" at 105 mg per serving.
  • When should I take Miracle Protein? Definitely within 30 minutes after your work-out. Miracle Protein mixes easily with 8-10 ounces of water or milk. Miracle Protein can also be taken with granola, oats, cream of wheat, cream of rice for your pre-work out Complex Carb and Protein loading.  Miracle Protein can also be taken every 20 minutes (150 ml) during your work-out *add a tablespoon of honey for simple carb burn DURING your work-out* to prevent "hitting the wall."
  • Is this all I need? NO, you need water. Athletes become dehydrated through sweat, breath, and urination.  We are all TOUGH and want to muscle through the work-out. BUT - You don't want to lose your kidneys or liver or have a heart attack JUST BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T TAKE THE TIME TO DRINK WATER. 
  • This is a guys protein, right? Do you have one for women? Muscle cells of both men and women are the same and need the same nutrients.  Since we do NOT add steroids-fats-carbs or "bulking" type of protein blends, our protein is unisex.  We have female athletes and fitness models using our protein to stay lean, fit, and outright gorgeous. Look below.
  • Got more Questions?  Email us, we'll give it to you straight!